Some of your most Frequently Asked Questions:

Quick answers to the most asked questions relating to buying artworks by Corné Eksteen, pricing of artworks and checking availability.

Availability (4)

How can I find out if an artwork is available / for sale?
We've designed this website to make it as easy as possible to obtain information regarding the availability of your favourite Corné Eksteen artwork.

There are two methods to access availability information on this site:

  • 1. Use the "Filter tabs" at the top of any of the "Works" pages on this website to select "Available Work". This filter will hide all sold work and only show available work. Click on the "Artwork information" icon or text link to access the full specs page for the artwork. The agent / representing gallery will be listed on that page and in most cases a link is provided to their website.

  • 2. Use our "Realtime Availability Check" page. This page contains the most up to date and complete inventory of all available works. Each listing contains all contact details for the agent / gallery that the work is listed with.
Are all works on the market listed on this website?
No. Available work on this website exclude works that have been placed on the market by third parties. Collector re-sales are excluded. We only list work on this site that is part of our current inventory.
Can I buy directly from Corné Eksteen or his studio?
Unfortunately no! There are many reasons why I don't sell directly to the public, for one the studio is primarily a space where the focus is on creativity and experimentation. I've built very strong personal relationships with a very select group of gallerists and I prefer that they interact with you on my behalf. The time I have to create and work is very precious to me. In this way I can focus on creating, while they can provide you with their full attention and the service you deserve.
A work is listed here as available, but not on the listed gallery's website?
This is not unusual - not all galleries I work with rely on selling online and as such they might carry only skeleton listings of all the work they have listed in their inventory on their websites.

Authentication (3)

How do I find out if my artwork is an orginal Corné Eksteen?
Unfortunately there's no quick method to confirm that your artwork is an original Corné Eksteen. Over the years, there have been many versions and mutations in how pieces were "signed." To obtain absolute clarity on the authentisity of your piece, we strongly suggest you follow the steps in the section below to obtain a Certificate of Autehntication (COA) for your piece.
How do I obtain a COA (Certificate of Authentication)?
In most cases the gallery you bought the piece from would have issued you with a COA. If this is not the case we strongly suggest you take the following steps to obtain a free COA directly from the studio.

Please send us the following to allow us to process your request for a COA:

  • As many photos of the artwork as possible, including the back and close-ups of any markings that could serve as a "signature" - these could range from a cirlce with the letter "C" inside to the letters "XTN"
  • As much detail as possible as to where the artwork was obtained / bought.
  • Your full contact details and physical address.
  • Mail all the above information to sales[at] and mark it for attention COA Services
The information you provide will be compared against our data-base of documented works by Corné Eksteen. When your supplied references meet the criteria in our data-base we will gladly issue with a COA.
Why do I need my artwork authenticated?
If you are serious about protecting the value of your investment in a piece of art, then it is of the upmost importance that you can provide provenance (the chronology of the ownership, custody or location of an artwork) for said artwork.
Your COA is the first step in providing proof that a piece of art was in fact created by a certain artist. Having documentation to proof the origin of a piece of art and how it was passed on between generations or owners is as important as the actual artwork. Thus it plays a very important role in protecting the value of your art collection.

Pricing (2)

How are the prices for your work calculated?
My pricing is based on size. Each size that I work on has a market related price, the only other factor that could influence my standardised pricing would be the substrate the work is created on. Thus work on paper will be substantially cheaper than works on canvas.
Why are your prices not the same everywhere?
The studio has set prices based on size for all work across the board. However we have no control over how galleries or agents manage their pricing structures. For example some galleries include VAT (15%) into our stipulated / standardised sales price for works, while others ad VAT (15%) to our standardised price. In some cases you might see an inflated price where a shipping fee has been be included in the price. In other cases galleries opt to frame work at their own expense and will include the price of framing in their floor price.

Commissions (2)

Does Corné Eksteen accept commissioned work?
Yes, but with certain limitations. Commissioned pieces are only accepted during periods in our annual exhibition schedule where there is ample time to focus on work that will not be included in shows open to the public.
What are the steps to commssion a Corné Eksteen artwork?
To expedite the commission process we recommend you follow the next steps:

  • Contact the studio via this website to confirm whether the studio is currently accepting commissions. (Please include as much information as possible with your request, including the size of the artwork required, whether you'd like the work completed before a certain date and general details of the image you have in mind. It is always helpful to include images of the prospective sitter and images of Corné Eksteen artworks that you like.)
  • Based on your supplied informatin the studio will confirm whether commissions are currently accepted and supply you with an official estimate price for the artwork. (Artwork prices are based on size.) Please note that domestic shipping (South Africa) and packaging fees are included in the price sent to you. International shipping fees are charged extra upon shipment of your piece.
  • To confirm your order a 50% non-refundable deposit is payable on placement of your order.
  • Depending on your location, the sitter will be expected to visit the studio for a photoshoot / drawing painting session. This is the prefered method of capturing reference material of the sitter, alternatively if your sitter is not able to visit the studio, you will be sent a list of requirements for photographic reference. Please allow up to 2 hours in your schedule for the studio visit.
  • The studio reserves the right to reject supplied photographic refences if they do not meet our expectations - please follow our instructions regarding lighting, pose, size and format as close as possilble.
  • You will be supplied with work in progress images (WIP's) at the studio's discretion during the process of creating the artwork.
  • A final image of the completed artwork will be e-mailed to you upon completion for your approval.
  • Work is generally shipped within 7 days of completion. This is largely depending on how soon the work is dry and considered safe to package and ship.
  • The balance on your account is payable upon shipment.