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exhibition review
the mercury by marianne meijer
8 December 2017 | Durban, South Africa

Arts Editor, Marianne Meijer has written an article on the "Anomaly" exhibtion by Corné Eksteen currently running art artSpace durban for the Goof Life supplement of this Friday's issue of The Natal Mercury, December 8th, 2017.

In the article she discusses the impact of technology on our visual understanding of the world and it's impact on our sense of self, as our everyday lives are constantly being infiltrated by a marked increase in the amount of images we consume on a daily basis. Never before has our culture and habits been more visually driven, than in our current culture of mobile devices, constantly demanding our attention. This idea that much of our experiences are now filtered through technology and displayed on a screen of sorts, forms the basis for Eksteen's exhibition.

He focusses on the flaws and glitches within this technological aspects of our experiences to define new metaphors for and archetypes to redefine our understanding of personal idenity.

"Anomaly" runs until 22 December 2017.

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Exhibition review - The Mercury

press release
corné eksteen's anomaly
25 August 2017 | Durban | South Africa

Announcing details of the forthcoming solo exhibition


Opening: December 2nd, 2017 (11am) at artSpace durban.
Official walkabout: December 9th, 2017 (11am to 2pm)

artist's statement

As much as contemporary art is about commentary on art itself, some of its fundamental intent remains: Art is about reflecting (in some cases even defining) our times, values and culture.

When one looks back at the legacy of art and the timeline in human history it represents, you become aware of our ever growing, ever expanding visual language. Our ability to continuously develop new modes of expression. Our capacity for and vigour in constantly creating new visual metaphors, incorporating imagery from an ever changing world in new and innovative reflections of that world. Today more than ever, a good level of visual literacy is as important as a higher education in navigating a culture that is visually driven in every aspect.

It is this highly developed visual language of the 21st century, with "dialects" of symbolism, iconography and branding, that serves as primary reference for this body of work. Our visual culture is largely driven by technology. Much of our everyday experience of the world is now filtered through a screen of some kind. Our technology is not flawless and often presents us with "glitches" or visual malfunctions.

As a starting point I'm "capturing" and incorporating these moments of malfunction; both accidental and intentional in the creation of a new series of portraits. Using these imperfections as a vehicle for social commentary and commentary on art itself.

Works in the series explore the polarities between the controlled and unpredictable. It focuses on the repurposing of intentionally corrupted imagery and questions what it means if we reclaim the "errors" in our technology and use them as tools in representing and defining ourselves.

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Visit the official exhibition mini site ANOMALY

2- 22 Decmeber 2017

artSpace durban
3 Millar Road | Durban

promotional video for anomaly
10 November 2017

promotional images for anomaly
20 November 2017

Promotional image for Anomaly

media feature

the artwork Unification featured in an insert on SABC3's Top Billing as part of a seapoint apartment designed by leading south africa interior designer Leighton Clapton

Original Broadcast | 22 November 2017 | SABC3

featured artist
the south african artist magazine
16 November 2017 | South Africa

Corné Eksteen is a featured artist in issue 29 (December 2017) of The South African Artist Magazine

In the article he discusses his approach to painting, his studio practice and the things that inspire him to create. The article includes several images of his work as well as handy tips from Eksteen to other artists working in the same medium.

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Featured artist The South African Artist Magazine